Serving the 3D Design & Animation Community

Render Rocket has fueled some of the best 3D design and animation teams in the business. Below are just a few examples of successful projects we've accomplished over the last few years.

A Few Of Our Clients

  1. Visual FX Production:

    • The Orphanage, San Francisco, CA
    • The Engine Room, West Hollywood, CA
    • Framework LA, Hollywood, CA
    • Fulltank, Santa Monica, CA

  2. Architecture / Industrial Design:

    • The Jerde Partnership, Venice, CA
    • Nike, Beaverton, OR
    • Michael Loper, Talent, OR

  3. Theatrical / Main Title Design:

    • Prologue Films, Venice, CA
    • The Picture Mill, Hollywood, CA
    • Yu+Co, Hollywood, CA
    • mOcean, Los Angeles, CA

  4. Educational Institutions:

    • Oregon School of Art, Portland, OR
    • Buffalo University, Buffalo, NY
    • University of Berlin, Germany

  5. Games / E3:

    • Hydrogen Whiskey, Los Angeles, CA
    • The Digital Lab, Venice, CA

  6. Print Design / Artwork:

    • Concept Arts, Hollywood, CA
    • Photosonic, London, UK
    • Pappas Group, Los Angeles, CA

  7. Broadcast Design / Production:

    • Pyburn Films, New York, NY
    • mOcean, West Los Angeles, CA
    • Prologue Films, Venice, CA
    • Transistor Studios, New York, NY

  8. Fine Art / Video Wall / Event:

    • The Digital Lab, Venice, CA
    • Transistor Studios, New York, NY
    • Ariel Studios, New York, NY

  9. DVD/Interactive Menus:

    • Andy Goldman Productions, Seattle, WA
    • Arno Kroner, Los Angeles, CA

Used by world renowned CG companies

Dont just take our word for it!

"Using Maya for animation and shader management, along with Mental Ray for rendering, we created rich metals and a mysterious black 'goo.' Render Rocket allowed us to render this complex animation with great efficiency."
David Garber, Executive Producer, Framework LA

"I am now convinced that in order to be consistently productive and meet my client's deadlines, your services are invaluable. I have considered buying my own machines for rendering and I have come to the conclusion that your services provide the better solution."
Michael Loper, Designer

"With the impressive scalability of Render Rocket's remote render farm, we were able to turn around over two and a half minutes of 2K, 3D stereoscopic animation in a matter of hours to create the Ant Bully title."
Bryan Thombs, Lighting/Rendering Supervisor, The Picture Mill