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Pricing includes everything you need to render without hidden or added costs, including:

  • Fast, high-end machines with every render
  • Render support for nearly 200 software and plug-ins
  • Free test renders
  • Free storage
  • Industry-leading support from our Artist Care team

Package Pricing

Purchase a package to enjoy volume discounts on credits that never expire.

Pay-As-You-Go bills for exact credits used – great for small jobs.
PackagePriceMembership PricePer Credit
(No Package)
Billed For Actual$0 up front$0.50 / $0.40
410 credits$195$156$0.48 / $0.38
1100 credits$495$397$0.45 / $0.36
2370 credits$995$796$0.42 / $0.34
6570 credits$2495$1,996$0.38 / $0.30
14275 credits$4,995$3,996$0.35 / $0.28

Are you a student or an educator? Get a rate of $0.20 per render credit with our Student/Education rate

Need help deciding on a package?

The best way to find out how many core hours are needed for a job is to run a test render, (free with an account), and multiply that average time by your total number of frames.

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More Than Just Rendering

Enhance your workflow with StratusCore’s Virtual Studio and à la carte services

Render Rocket is proudly a StratusCore service, which means you now have access to our full suite of Virtual Studio services including, integrated virtual workstation, rendering, storage and collaboration. See the complete list of bundle and à la carte pricing

Virtual Studio Bundles

Virtual Studio bundles save you money and provide everything you need to create content, including, Virtual Workstation hours, render credits and tier-1 storage.

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What are credits?

Each credit gets you one core hour.

What is a core hour?

Simply put, it is one processor core running for one hour. For example, if you have a dual quad-core workstation (8 cores) running for 1 hour, that would be 8 core hours. Ten 8-core servers running for 1 hour = 80 core hours. Get the idea?

The best way to find out how many core hours are needed for a job is to run a test render, (free with an account), and multiply that average time by your total number of frames.

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Refund Policy

We do not offer partial refunds on any pre-paid packages nor do we refund any un-used credits within a pre-paid render package. We do not offer refunds for customer-related issues or mistakes such as and not limited to:

  • Incorrect settings
  • Underestimating render time
  • Not monitoring render job
  • Missing textures
  • Wrong frames, camera, layers selected
  • Incorrect resolution

Please, monitor your running renders for output and accuracy. Alert our support team immediately should you have a technical issue or concern — don't wait.

Credit Adjustments

We will make account credit adjustments should you encounter an issue with your project that is a result of a problem on our end. Should you encounter any problems, be sure and open a support ticket by emailing support@stratuscore.com All requests for adjustments must be made within seven (7) days of the transaction date. Requests that are submitted after seven (7) days will not be considered for credit adjustment. If you have a question about your account or a concern on a recent project please contact Artist Care at support@stratuscore.com

How many core hours for my job?

The BEST way to get an estimate is to run a few sample frames with our FREE Test Render feature and multiply that average time by your total number of frames. Need help getting started? See How it Works!

Do I have to specify the number of servers if doing Pay-As-You-Go rendering?

No, you just launch your render jobs and our automated system will add servers to get your jobs done quickly. For pay-as-you-go rendering, the final price will be the same regardless of how many servers were added to your render.