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Features Chart

Advanced Tools for Rendering

Whether you are a major 3D studio, freelancer, or anywhere in between, we offer the high-end 3D rendering tools you need.

First, we start with a state-of-the-art render farm using 64-bit processors, an all gigabit network and screaming fast storage servers. Next comes the latest high-end production software installed and ready to use on-demand. Finally, we add our feature-rich 'Mission Control' web application that let's you have full control over your render jobs using your web browser. You can view frame logs, re-queue, pause, resume, and change job priority as much as you like. We even provide you an online preview of your images so you can check your work as you go.

Do you have a complex production pipeline? Do you need a team that can integrate your current production resources with ours? Our render solutions team can customize 'Mission Control' features to your specific demands. Our goal is to provide you access to our render power as easily as if the servers were in the next room.

It is not uncommon to hear from our customers that Render Rocket provides a faster, more stable, and easier-to-use platform for rendering than they have ever had in their own studio. Let Render Rocket fuel your next 3D production.

Mission Control Render Manager
Gives you all the tools you need to start, monitor, and download your renders.

Automatic scene analysis
Detects important information about your scene before you begin rendering.

Texture/reference file detection
Alerts you to any missing files needed by your scene.

Multiple threading options
Lets you determine how you want the Render Rocket  hardware to render you scenes.

Split-frame rendering
Lets you break up large frames into multiple smaller renders to speed up render time.

File system cloning - 'VROOT' -
Creates an environment at Render Rocket to mimic your local file system

Particle and Fluid Dynamics caching
Optimizes your scene for rendering across multiple machines

Web / HTTP-based file transfers
Provides a convenient way to upload files through your browser.

Auto ZIP / RAR archiving
Packages your rendered frames for faster transfers.

Email render progress alerts
Keeps you up to date with your rendering status.

Custom pipeline options
Gives you full control over you render.

We are constantly adding new features and are working on introducing more render software packages. If you need a tool that we do not yet offer, please contact us and let us know.