How It Works

Upload. Render. Download.

Render Rocket's unique web-based 3D rendering system is designed by a team of artists and programmers with years of real-world industry experience. Here are the basics of rendering...

  • Scene file and assets

    We support source files from all desktop computer platforms (Mac, Windows, and Linux). Verify that we support your software and plugins here.

  • Valid email & credit card

    Payment for rendering can be made via credit card (Visa/Mastercard) or PayPal. For other payment options, please contact us. Our "Mission Control" web system uses email to send you job status alerts and important account information. See more about pricing options.

How to Render at Render Rocket

  1. Step 1. Upload Source Files

    First, you'll need to get your source files onto our servers. This can be done via web upload. Just put the files in the "source" folder in your Render Rocket project.

  2. Step 2. Launch and Monitor Render

    The "Launch Render" wizard will help you select frame ranges, camera, and other advanced settings. Once launched, the "Mission Detail" page gives you full control of your job and its individual frames.

  3. Step 3. Download Rendered Images

    As images complete, you can download files individually or click to download a ZIP or RAR package with all your output. That's it. To try it yourself, sign up for a free trial

Submit Unlimited FREE Test Renders

Test Renders are watermarked and limited to 5 frames.  We strongly encourage our customers to submit Free Test Renders in order to:
  • 1 – check and verify that the outputted images look correct
  • 2 – provide a cost estimate and turnaround time for your project

For technical issues, contact our Artist Care Team at  Support Hours are Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 7:00pm PST (GMT-0800).